Discover all Stratford has to offer…


Theatre and More

Welcome to the wonderful world of make believe as only can be experienced at the world renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival Theatre.  Wonder of wonders- experience the thrill of imagination when walking through the halls of costumes or backstage and pretending to be a thespian.  Enjoy the experience.


Specialty Stores

The downtown core in Stratford is full of specialty boutiques that create the unique small-town feel. There is a store for everyone, kids included. Here are some of our favourite stores, but there are so many more.



Festivals, Events and Day Trips

Stratford offers all year opportunities to enjoy the area that abounds with activities to entertain everyone. Listed below are some links to those annual events. There are also many opportunities available for fun, exciting and new day trips.



Stratford offers a food extravaganza of choice for everyone. Enjoy the food journey at some of our favourite places and many of our guests share the same opinion. You can find a detailed list of restaurants in Stratford at the Tourism Website



Golf and Tennis

Do you enjoy sports in new locals?  Well, you found a place where guests are welcome to partake in good game.


Antiques in and Around Stratford

Do you like to shop for a little piece of history found in something old and weathered?  Well you have found a great area to search for that special something.  You can find many antique shops in the Stratford area.



Coffee Shops

Do you enjoy a respite during the shopping day? Here a few of our favourite coffee shops:


Close at Hand Excursions

Do you enjoy visiting new places meeting new people? There are many worlds close to Stratford on hand for day trips and adventurous excursions.